Aalto – Languange requirements


Successful applicants must have an excellent command of Finnish, Swedish or English. Please note that some degree programmes may require knowledge of Finnish.

All guest students and international students applying for master’s or doctoral studies offered in English must demonstrate their proficiency in English. Applicants are required to attach an official language test report to their application.

The tests suitable for this purpose are listed below with their minimum scores*:


Total score: 92 (IBT), 580 (PBT)
Writing score: 22 (IBT), 4.0 (PBT)


Overall Band Score: 6.5
Writing Band Score: 5.5


Grades accepted: A, B, C

* The minimum requirements are very strict. If your score does not fulfill the minimum requirements, you are not eligible to apply and your application cannot be processed.
** IBT = Internet Based Test, PBT = Paper Based Test
*** Academic IELTS only
**** CAE = Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English, CPE = Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.